Italian Brick Oven

italian wwod fired pizza oven

artisianal italian brick oven for pizzeria and restaurants

The classic Italian brick oven is undoubtedly the most requested woodfire pizza oven for pizzerias and restaurants from all over the world.

The cooking skills and the beutiful designe of the Italian brick oven are the result of hundreds of years of Italian artisan experience handed down from father to son for several centuries.

Our company produces hand made  Italian brick ovens in Naples, in southern Italy, the city where the pizza culture was born and then spread all over the world.

Precision, tradition and performance are the cardinal principles on which the work of our engineers, designers and craftsmen are based.

Our artisans are able to create high-performance cooking ovens that match the classic aesthetic masterpieces of old and give you restaurant quality results with a touch of all-Italian elegance.

With us  will be possible to have the original Italian pizza everywhere you are in the world thanks to our italian brick oven.

You can choose between different size and aesthetic styles like tile or hand made mosaic of the following sizes3 pizzas – 4 pizzas – 7 pizzas – 8 pizzas – 9 pizzas.

Italian Brick Oven Structure

Our factory work respecting the tradition and the material used for countless years, making the Italian brick oven structure unrivaled in the world market.

In addition to being an important aesthetic value for your restaurant, the structure of the Italian refractory oven is also the secret of its success.

We can divide the oven into 3 main pieces:

  • Dome
  • Hob
  • Extraction hood 
  • Base

The dome

The dome has an internal curvature structured in the focus to absorb the heat well and wrap the flame over in such a way as to cook the pizza perfectly.

Its structure origin dates back from the times of the ancient Romans, in fact in the excavations of Pompeii it is possible to visit the antenate of the Italian refractory oven.

Over the centuries the secrets have been handed down from generation and the dome shape is still used today in the Italian brick oven.

To be efficient, the dome needs a good insulation in order to retain the high temperatures and gradually release them for cooking the pizza.

The materials used for the creation of the dome of the Italian refractory furnace are:

refractory bricks in clay, gypsum, cement, pozzolan and cereamic fiber.

the thickness of the insulation  of our ovens is about 20 cm for side.

At the end of the process the dome is covered with colored tiles or hand made mosaic.

the hob

For a successful cooking process it is very important to rely on an excellent wood oven hob which does not drop in temperature during periods of high usage, thus guaranteeing exceptional pizzas cooking.

The hob of the Italian brick oven constitutes a further essential element for the final pizza result.

It is essential that the hob is able to absorb high temperatures to remain constantly hot, without ever lowering the heat, a good hob that does not cool allows the pizza to be cooked well underneath, giving it a fantastic uniform stain effect.

Our hobs allow you to cook a large number of consecutive pizzas in a highly productive manner, an indispensable factor when your restaurant is crowded.

Our innovative oven design gives you high cooking performance made possible by thermal insulation compose of ceramica fiber clay and local volcanic sands.

A further secret of our ovens is the use of the Sorrento biscuit.

Sorrento Biscuits

One of the characteristics that make our Italian oven unique in the world is the insulation, and the screw is the Sorrento Biscuits.
Sorrento  biscuits is a special refractory stone built in Sorrento respecting a centenary tradition. 
This stone built with clay, volcanic sand and other secret ingredients of the arisians is sought after all over the world for its high performance.

The Sorrento biscuit is a very ancient artisan stone used for the production of ovens and built exclusively in Sorrento.

In keeping with that long-held tradition, our dome and the plans are exclusively built in Biscotto di Sorrento.

The characteristic that distinguishes the Sorrento biscuit from other common refractory stones is its ability to absorb high temperatures and then gradually release them in order to produce a perfectly balanced cooking temperature for Italian pizza.

The extraction pipe the base

The oven hood is positioned outside the oven cupola.

Its usefulness is aimed at extracting the fumes in an effective and clean way.

The structure is domed in order to effectively convey the outgoing fumes.

At the apex of the suction dome barrel is placed a hole 20 cm wide in diameter.

Installing the intake system will be very simple: all you have to do is position the base of the intake pipe of your system at the apex of the cup and your smoke draft system will be ready.


the base

 The base represents another important addition to the structure of your Italian refractory oven.

The structure of the base is usually made of painted iron which is highly resistant to the weight of the furnace.

On request this can be covered by waxing a door in order to cover the uncovered space under the oven.

If you have prepared a resistant shelf to place your oven on, you can order the oven without the base and place it on the shelf you created.

How works the italian Brick Oven

Italian pizza is the most consumed food in the world, the secret of its success is the simplicity of the fresh and genuine ingredients, but at the same time it requires a complex and highly performing oven.

The oven is in fact essential to guarantee an excellent result since the pizza cooks through 3 types of energy: induction, convection and radiation.

By conduction: through the heat of the hob there is a transmission of heat, due to impacts, of kinetic energy between the molecules belonging to adjacent areas of the material.

By convection: the chlorine tends to turn inside the oven dome (often with a turbulent character), transferring the energy thus exchanged to other surfaces, again by conduction, thus giving rise to a heat transfer by advection.

By radiation: a form of direct heat transmission from the flame which, unlike conduction and convection, does not require direct contact between the exchangers, and does not require a medium to propagate.

Brick oven sizes

size of Italian brick oven

choose you pizza oven size

Chose the size of your brick oven

Italian brick oven 2 pizzas

  • height 67 INCH
  • weight 2200 LB
  • cooking plans 31,5 INCH
  • external dimension 60×47 INCH
  • mouth size 18×10 INCH

Price 4.500 EURO

Italian brick oven 4 pizzas

  • height 71 INCH
  • weight 3100lb
  • cooking plans diameter 40 INCH
  • external dimension 69×57 INCH
  • mouth size 20/19×10,2INCH

Price 5.000 EURO

Italian brick oven 6 pizzas

  • height 75 INCH
  • weight 4000 lb
  • cooking plans diameter 48 INCH
  • external dimension 81×65 INCH
  • mouth size 20/19×10,6 INCH

Price 5.500 EURO

Italian brick oven 7 pizzas

  • height 75 INCH
  • weight 4400 LB
  • cooking plans diameter 52 INCH
  • external dimension 85×69 INCH
  • mouth size 20/19×10,6 INCH

Price 6.000 EURO

Italian brick oven 9 pizzas

  • height 75 INCH
  • 4400 LB
  • cooking plans diameter 59 INCH
  • external dimension 90×77 INCH
  • mouth size 20/19×10,6 INCH

Price 6.500 EURO

Pizza Burner

gas burner for pizza ovens

Wood – fired ovens remain the preferred cooking method used in the traditional Italian oven, but on the request we can also mount a gas burner with options that include natural gas or LPG.

The choice of the burner model and its power depends on 3 factors:

  • size of the oven,
  • power of the burner
  • choose manual or computerized setting.

It is natural that the larger the oven, the greater the burner power must be in order to heat the entire oven uniformly.

It is also important to choose the burner model based on the number of pizzas you want to cook in an evening, because a more powerful burner allows you to avoid cooking breaks aimed at raising the temperature of the oven.

You can choose between the manuale burner and the more sophisticated burner.

The difference lies in the fact that computerized burner allows you to always have a balanced temperature without setting manually.

This is the preferred burner for many restaurants that have a high workload on weekends and must guarantee professional service.

finally, the choice of the computerized system or not is equally decisive as a computerized burn allows to independently manage the power of the flame, saving the pizza maker time for the filling and cooking of the pizzas.

The pizza burners we use are from AVANZINI BRUCIATORI , the premier pizza burner company in Italy.

Design ideas

italian brik oven mosaic

italian brick oven with gold mosaic

Our oven is known all over the world for its exceptional pizza cooking capabilities and the flexibility to master many Italian recipes.

And, with our oven construction , you also have in your fixing design.

Our brick oven company gives you the flexibility to choose many designs and ideas.

We will work with you to help you choose the right combinaton of materials that appeal to you, including the many colors, tile design and composition…and even the color of the grout between the tiles.

For added appeal and originality, you can also personalize your brick oven with the name of your restaurant. That unique touch, combined with the aesthetic decoration of your choice, can create an exclusive, elegant Italian oven displayed in beautiful colors. 


Our company also takes care of the delivery of ovens all over the world.
In fact, we rely on the best international couriers who retrieve the oven from our factory and deliver it directly to your restaurant or home.
Ordering your Italian oven is really simple, contact us

Also, if you would like to see a different style model, have a look at our Neapolitan oven[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_toggle title=”FAQ ITALIAN BRICK OVEN”]

About Italian Brick Oven

  • IS IT POSSIBLE TO ORDER OVENS OF SPECIAL SIZES ACCORDING TO MY NEEDS? Of course, you simply need to contact our consultancy team by email or whatsapp and they will help you build the tailor-made front for you.
  • CAN I CUSTOMIZE THE OVEN WITH MY NAME OR THAT OF MY RESTAURANT? It is possible to customize the metal label on the front of the oven mouth by engraving the name you prefer.
  • HOW CAN I CHOOSE THE GAS BURNER MOST SUITABLE FOR MY NEEDS? Our consultants will be able to advise you on the right burner model for your oven based on the size of the oven and the quantity of pizzas you have to bake per day.
  • CHANGE THE TASTE OF PIZZA FROM WOOD COMBUSTION TO GAS? The cooking of traditional pizza is certainly wood-burning which gives it a touch of tradition and originality but thanks to the latest generation burners the flavor of the pizza is almost identical to wood combustion.
  • HOW MUCH DOES THE REFRACTORY OVEN WEIGH? The weight of the refractory wood oven varies according to the grade and the model, we start from a weight of 7 quintals up to 24 quintals for the largest.
  • HOW CAN I CHOOSE THE MOST SUITABLE COTYPE OF TILES OR MOSICO FOR MY TASTES? Our team of consultants will be able to show you various models of fronts already created by our factory and based on these you will find inspiration for the type of coating and color that best suits your restaurant.


  • HOW CAN I ORDER MY OVEN? contact our consultants and they will guide you in choosing the burner model and color.
  • HOW CAN I PAY FOR THE OVEN? Once you have ordered your oven, you will be sent an invoice via e-mail which must be paid 30% on the order and the rest 70% when the oven is completed before shipping.
  • WHICH FORMS OF PAYMENT DO YOU ACCEPT? Our company accepts all forms of payment provided for by the European banking system.

Pizza Oven Transport

  • HOW DOES THE TRANSPORT TAKE PLACE? Once your oven is ready to be shipped, our international courier will collect the oven and deliver it directly to your address.
  • CAN I USE MY TRUSTED CONVEYOR? Of course, we will send you the address of the factory with the day and time where your courier can come to collect the oven