Italian Brick Oven

Italian Brick Oven

italian wwod fired pizza oven

artisianal italian brick oven for pizzeria and restaurants

The classic Italian brick oven is undoubtedly the most requested woodfire pizza oven for pizzerias and restaurants from all over the world.

The cooking skills and the beutiful designe of the Italian brick oven are the result of hundreds of years of Italian artisan experience handed down from father to son for several centuries.

Our company produces Italian brick ovens in Naples in southern Italy, respecting the tradition and the material used for countless years, making the Italian brick oven unrivaled in the world market.

Our artisans are able to create high-performance cooking ovens that match the classic aesthetic masterpieces of old and give you restaurant quality results with a touch of all-Italian elegance.

You can choose between different size and aesthetic styles like tile or hand made mosaic.

 You can choose Ovens of the following sizes: 3 pizzas – 4 pizzas – 6 pizzas – 8 pizzas – 9 pizzas.

Italian Brick Oven plans

For a successful restaurant it is very important to rely on an excellent wood oven, which does not drop in temperature during periods of high usage, thus guaranteeing exceptional pizzas.

In addition to the oven’s exceptional insultino, one of the characteristics that make our Italian oven  unique throughout the words are the Sorrento Biscuits

One of the characteristics that make our Italian oven unique in the world is the insulation, and the screw is the Sorrento Biscuits.

Our innovative oven design gives you high cooking performance made possible by thermal insulation compose of ceramica fiber clay and local volcanic sands.

The Sorrento biscuit is a very ancient artisan stone used for the production of ovens and built exclusively in Sorrento. In keeping with that long-held tradition, our dome and the plans are exclusively built in Biscotto di Sorrento.

The characteristic that distinguishes the Sorrento biscuit from other common refractory stones is its ability to absorb high temperatures and then gradually release them in order to produce a perfectly balanced cooking temperature for Italian pizza.

Brick oven sizes

size of Italian brick oven

choose you pizza oven size

Chose the size of your brick oven

Italian brick oven 2 pizzas

  • height 67 INCH
  • weight 2200 LB
  • cooking plans 31,5 INCH
  • external dimension 60×47 INCH
  • mouth size 18×10 INCH

Price 2.800 EURO

Italian brick oven 4 pizzas

  • height 71 INCH
  • weight 3100lb
  • cooking plans diameter 40 INCH
  • external dimension 69×57 INCH
  • mouth size 20/19×10,2INCH

Price 3.100 EURO

Italian brick oven 6 pizzas

  • height 75 INCH
  • weight 4000 lb
  • cooking plans diameter 48 INCH
  • external dimension 81×65 INCH
  • mouth size 20/19×10,6 INCH

Price 4.200 EURO


Italian brick oven 7 pizzas

  • height 75 INCH
  • weight 4400 LB
  • cooking plans diameter 52 INCH
  • external dimension 85×69 INCH
  • mouth size 20/19×10,6 INCH

Price 4.700 EURO

Italian brick oven 9 pizzas

  • height 75 INCH
  • 4400 LB
  • cooking plans diameter 59 INCH
  • external dimension 90×77 INCH
  • mouth size 20/19×10,6 INCH

Price 5.200 EURO


Pizza Burner

gas burner for pizza ovens

Our Oven is known all over the world for its exceptional pizza cooking capabilities and the flexibility to master many Italian recipes.

And, with our oven construction , you also have in your fixing design.

Wood – fired ovens remain the preferred cooking method used in the traditional Italian oven, but on the request we can also mount a gas burner with options that include natural gas or LPG.

If you need a combination of wood and gas burner you can order a Pizza oven with a professional pizza burner  from our company.

The pizza burners we use are from AVANZINI BRUCIATORI , the premier pizza burner company in Italy.

Depending upon your needs, size of oven and performance standards, it’s important to choose the right pizza burner for your use.

You can choose between the manuale burner and the more sophisticated burner.

The difference lies in the fact that computerized burner allows you to always have a balanced temperature without setting manually. This is the preferred burner for many restaurants that have a high workload on weekends and must guarantee professional service.


Design ideas

italian brik oven mosaic

italian brick oven with gold mosaic

Our oven is known all over the world for its exceptional pizza cooking capabilities and the flexibility to master many Italian recipes.

And, with our oven construction , you also have in your fixing design.

Our brick oven company gives you the flexibility to choose many designs and ideas.

We will work with you to help you choose the right combinaton of materials that appeal to you, including the many colors, tile design and composition…and even the color of the grout between the tiles.

For added appeal and originality, you can also personalize your brick oven with the name of your restaurant. That unique touch, combined with the aesthetic decoration of your choice, can create an exclusive, elegant Italian oven displayed in beautiful colors. 

Also, if you would like to see a different style model, have a look at our Neapolitan oven!

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