Neapolitan pizza oven build from us

Neapolitan Pizza Oven
Neapolitan Pizza Oven made in Italy. The best professional Oven to make the Italian Pizza

The Professional Neapolitan Pizza Oven Don Flavio’s is built in Naples in Italy, respecting the ancient craftsmanship and centuries-old tradition of the Neapolitan Pizza.

Our artisans have been working in this sector for generations and thanks to their experience and dedication today, the Neapolitan Wood Oven is the most used product in restaurants and pizzerias all over the world.

The Neapolitan Oven is undoubtedly the ideal Oven for Pizzerias and Restaurants, its characteristics make it a reliable oven, ideal to guarantee a constant maintenance of high temperatures.

Pizza Napoletana is a very demanding product in terms of cooking, as it requires a uniform and constant temperature of about 1000 ° Fahrenheit.

How the Italian Brick Oven is made

italian brick oven
italian pizza oven building process
  • Ingenuity, Precision and Dedication are the key principles of our Team.
  • Our ovens are produced with first choice materials assembled by hand.

The secrets of construction have been handed down from father to son of our artisans for centuries, making our oven unique in the world.

 Thanks to these principles, today our production boasts Neapolitan Refractory Ovens of excellent workmanship and yield.

The insulation of the Neapolitan oven

napoli pizza oven
traditional neapolitan pizza oven from Italy. Handmade from artisan

The Insulation is one of the strong points of our Refractory Wood Oven because it allows to uniformly hold high temperatures for optimal cooking.

Insulation is therefore a decisive element for the success of the performance of an excellent Pizza Oven.

For this reason, our engineers and craftsmen do their utmost to make the insulation performance of our ovens exceptional.

Pizza Oven Dome

cupla pizza oven
italian pizza oven dome

Neapolitan Pizza Oven Cuplas is characterized by a perfect curve typical of the Pompeii ovens.

The Pizza Oven Dome structure is designed to wrap the flame , guaranteeing an ideal irradiation for the superior cooking of the pizza.

The handcrafted construction of the dome is made with extremely specific insulating materials for excellent insulation:

  • Firebricks, handmade and fired at a temperature of about 1800 ° Fahrenheit.
  • Clay Ceramic Fiber Adhesives: Lime, Cement, Pozzolan, Gypsum and Premixed

Neapolitan Pizza Oven Plans

pizza oven cooking plans
our pizza oven plans

Another decisive element for an oven to guarantee excellent Pizza cooking is certainly the insulating quality of the Pizza Oven Plans.

This must be able to maintain high temperatures constantly in order to cook a large number of pizzas without the hob losing heat.

The Neapolitan Oven hob and plans stands out for the use of the Sorrento Biscuit, an exclusive refractory stone of the centuries-old tradition of the production of Neapolitan Ovens.

The materials used for the creation of the base are:

  • Refractory bricks, handmade  and cooked at a temperature of about 1800° Fahrenheit.
  • Sorrento Biscuit hob Adhesives:
  • Lime, Cement, Pozzolana, Gesso and Premixed

We also guarantee the absolute absence of toxic components, as per the certificate attached to the oven.

Sorrento Biscuit

Biscotto di SorrentoIl “Biscotto di Sorrento” è un biscotto refrattario esclusivo del territorio Napoletano. La tradizione dei forni a legna Napoletani e distinta da questo prodotto esclusivo conosciuto in tutto il mondo.

The Sorrento Biscuit is a special refractory stone that composes the hob and the plans of the Neapolitan pizza oven.

Its invention dates back to thousands of years ago by the ancient Romans, in fact it is possible to see some of its finds behind the furnaces of the Pompeii excavations.

Originally from Sorrento for its workmanship and tradition, the Sorrento Biscuits has always been an advantage of the Neapolitan wood-burning ovens compared to the common refractory ovens.

This special stone is still handcrafted in our factory and fired at a temperature of 2200 ° Fahrenheit.

The feature that makes it unique is its ability to absorb high temperatures releasing them slowly and steadily.

These unique features will allow you to cook a high number of pizzas at the same time without ever lowering the temperature of the oven hob.

The handcrafted construction of the fired pine is made with extremely specific insulating materials for excellent insulation:

  • Firebricks, handmade and fired at a temperature of about 1800 ° Fahrenheit.
  • Clay Ceramic Fiber Adhesives: Lime, Cement, Pozzolano, Gypsum and Premixed.


Neapolitan Oven designe

pizza oven mosaic from italy

Design, originality and style are the watchwords of our team of artist and stylists.

Our goal is to offer you an oven that is the pride of your restaurant.

Besides having an exceptional yield, the Neapolitan Oven designe can be decorated with beautiful colorful and creative mosaics that will give a touch of originality to your restaurant.

You will be proud to show your customers your beautiful Neapolitan oven!

The craftsmanship of our craftsmen and the careful selection of the materials used make these ovens an icon of Italian professional ovens in the world.

Once you have chosen the model and size of your oven, our consultants will help you choose both the color and the hand-assembled tile or mosico covering.

Neapolitan oven Gas of methane burner or LPG

gas burner for pizza ovens
Neapolitan oven with natural gas or LPG burner

In addition to the classic wood combustion, it is possible to apply a natural gas or LPG combustion by installing a professional gas or methane burner.

All you have to do is tell us about your needs and our team of consultants will recommend the right model for your pizzeria.

The power and burner model can be chosen based on the size of the Neapolitan oven and the needs of the restaurateur.  

For restaurateurs who need high performance we can offer the installation of a computerized gas burner, which thanks to its artificial intelligence is able to independently manage the power of the flame.

The computerized burner will allow you to never lower the temperature of the oven and to cook a large number of consecutive pizzas without ever lowering the pizza plans temperature and to let the pizza chef concentrate work only on cooking and drafting the pizzas.

The Neapolitan Oven gas  burner is therefore a fundamental investment that will allow you to lower the cost of the pizza chef’s labor and earn more thanks to the high number of pizzas baked.

Our company collaborates with the best national reference companies of oven burners Avanzini Bruciatori, thus guaranteeing maximum yield and all the guarantees and certifications that the product deserves.

Neapolitan Pizza Oven customization

To order the right Neapolitan pizza  oven for the right needs of your restaurant all you need to do is ask yourself 3 simple questions:

  • How many pizzas does my oven have to cook at the same time and how many in one day?
  • Do I need a wood or gas combustion?
  • Does my Neapolitan oven have to be decorated with tiles or mosaic and what color?

Our consulting team and our production will allow you to customize your Neapolitan Pizza Oven according to size, performance and external design.

According to the needs of the restaurateur, we have different models that differ both in the internal dimensions of the hob and external in terms of the space occupied and design.

Write us an email and our consultants will be ready to help you.

Neapolitan Pizza Oven Delivery

Our Neapolitan pizza oven factory delivery from Italy to the rest of the world.

The artisans will take care of packing your Neapolitan oven safely in order to face even intercontinental travel.

We rely on the best international couriers who will collect the oven from our factory and deliver it directly outside to your restaurant.

Once delivered, you only need to connect the smoke extraction to the cupla and your Neapolitan oven will be ready to be used.

Napolitan Pizza Oven Prices

brick oven from italy
brick oven pizza restaurant

Our Neapolitan pizza oven factory produces different models of different sizes, with the focus of satisfying your restaurants cooking needs for quantity of pizzas and space restaurant.

Italian Brick Oven Baby 

Italian Brick Oven Baby

  • 4 pizzas
  • Cooking floor dimension = 35 inch in diameter / External dimensions = 44 inch in diameter
  • cost 5500€

Thanks to its small dimensions the Italian Brick Oven Baby represents the ideal solution for those who want an oven that takes up little space without giving up the professionalism of the Italian artisan oven.

This model will allow you to cook 4 pizzas at the same time, guaranteeing an excellent service for home use and small restaurants.

Italian Brick Oven Medium

  • 6  pizzas
  • Cooking floor dimension = 41 inch in diameter / External dimensions = 55 inch in diameter
  • cost 6500€

Of intermediate dimensions the Italian Brick Oven Medium which represents the solution for medium-small sized restaurants. This oven model allows you to cook 6 pizzas at the same time giving an exellent services for medium restaurants.

Italian Brick Oven Large 

Neapolitan pizza oven large
Neapolitan pizza oven prices
  • 8 pizzas
  • Cooking floor dimension = 47 inch in diameter / external dimensions = 63 inch in diameter
  • cost 7000€

The Italian Brick Oven Large certainly represents the best-selling professional oven model of our factory. Its size allows you to cook 8 pizzas at the same time, guaranteeing an excellent solution for medium-large restaurants that require excellent professional service.

Italian Brick Oven Maxi  

neapolitan pizza oven decorations
italian brick oven with mosaic
  • 9 pizzas
  • Cooking floor dimension = 52,5 inch in diameter / External dimensions = 67 inch in diameter
  • cost 8500 €

If you need a very large oven, the Italian Brick Oven Maxi is certainly the most suitable solution for your needs. Thanks to its enormous size it allows you to cook 10 pizzas at the same time, thus representing the best solution for large restaurants.

Small neapolitan pizza oven

In the event that a small, exclusive oven is needed in the Restaurant for Celiac Customers, we suggest you also buy a small Steel Wood Oven, practical in its dimensions and excellent yield: Stainless Steel Pizza Oven watch the video of the oven for celiacs.

For another model of Pizza Oven have a look to our ITALIAN BRICK OVEN

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On the Neapolitan pizza Oven

  • Yes. Just specify the internal and external measures required to our staff.
  • Just contact our Staff via Mail, and they will suggest you to suggest various decorative solutions for your Wood Oven.
  • Sure! We can customize the mouth of the oven with the name of your restaurant.
  • It depends on the internal dimensions of the oven you are interested in and the power you need. Our staff will advise you on the best solution tailored for you.
  • The structure is very robust and reliable. Made of thick metal carpentry.
  • If we take as an example the Large Refractory Furnace model with a refractory surface measuring 120cm in diameter it weighs about 19 quintals
  1. Oven transport


    • Our company relies on trusted couriers, who use crane crane trucks to specialize in the delivery of refractory ovens.
    • Yes! Depending on the destination requested we can arrange safe transportation for you.


    • All national and European forms of payment are accepted.
    • Yes. We have various agreements with Loans for installment payments.